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What are the parents saying about Pitter Patter?


“From the minute I walked into Pitter-Patter it felt like a second home for my youngest child. The personable and down-to-earth directors, the friendly staff, and the cheerful building interior helped ease my anxiety about entrusting my daughter to outside care. As a childcare teacher myself, I know exactly what to look in terms of safety, cleanliness, staff qualifications, and other DCFS protocol. Pitter-Patter ticked all boxes. Every day when I walk in, my daughter is excited to be there and I look forward to watching her grow up with her Pitter-Patter family.”

Mandy Smog - Mande.smogor@gmail.com


“We've been at Pitter Patter since moving to the area in 2009.  At the time we were looking for after school care for our two boys. They loved being there after school, and I loved that they had a safe place to relax and play after school.  Then we enrolled our newborn when she was eight weeks old.  The Pitter Patter employees quickly became an extension of our family, sharing in my daughter's milestones and daily highlights.  After four years I still think of the employees as family, and still share moments of triumph and tragedy. It is wonderful to know my children are safe and a cared for by caring individuals that have the best interest of the children at heart. “

Nancy Cope- Nancykcope@gmail.com


“Pitter Patter has been the most incredible experience for our children as well as my wife and I. The teachers are like family and the leadership from Miss Kristi all the way down is remarkable. Our children have blossomed in this environment and the friends we have made with the teachers and other families will last a lifetime. The first day was the hardest dropping them off but the attention and care that these incredible caregivers showed our children from the second we arrived has assured my wife and I that this was a wonderful decision to make Pitter Patter part of our children’s lives. The word “Trust” holds incredible value at Pitter Patter. I “Trust” this group of teachers, caregivers and mentors to put the needs of our children and their classmates above their own. Entrusting your children to a responsible center was the hardest decision we ever had to make.  Pitter Patter is a blessing to anyone lucky enough to find it! I have two incredible boys that have been going there since they were 12 weeks old. The values we teach at home are equal to the values they receive at Pitter Patter. My children are confident, outgoing and caring! Pitter Patter continues to be a huge building block of part of the little people my boys are turning into each and every today!”

Tim Marabella- tmarabella@lcca-il.org


“Pitter Patter Child Care, Inc. has been an exceptional place for my children to learn and grow.  The Pitter Patter Staff has been very supportive, and have met my children’s individual needs.  They have provided a strong foundation to their education, while fostering a love for learning and positive social skills.  They give my children a fun and safe environment that they enjoy.  Pitter Patter’s clean and colorful atmosphere make it feel warm and inviting.  My children love going to Pitter Patter and they truly love the staff members that care for them daily.  In many ways, because of the amount of love and care the staff provides, my family agrees that Pitter Patter feels like an extension of our home.”

Megan Sharp- mid3_99@yahoo.com


“My husband and I enrolled our children at Pitter Patter about two years ago when we moved to the area. My nephews have all gone to Pitter Patter and had only positive things to say about the daycare. We decided to give it a try…and we are so glad we did! First of all, Miss Kristi, the director, is beyond understanding and always helpful. She will answer any questions you might have in a timely manner. The communication between every staff member and the parents is outstanding. Our sons look forward to going to school everyday to see their teachers and friends. There are times when they both would rather stay at Pitter Patter than go home! My kids have demonstrated tremendous growth, both academically and socially, since being enrolled there. It is all because of the wonderful teachers. They are truly caring, kind, and make us feel like we are one big family. We know our kids are in excellent hands at Pitter Patter!”

Jessica Christian- jessicachristian77@gmail.com


“We have been a Pitter Patter family for 7+ years. When my first child was born, the thought of leaving him with “strangers” was almost too much to bear. Then I met Kristi and the rest of the PP team and quickly realized that I had found not only an amazing daycare center but an extended family to help raise my baby. Fast forward 7 years and 2 additional kids and we could not be more pleased. The continuity of the staff (many of the same teachers since day one-UNHEARD of at other centers), the genuine love they have for my children and the amazing investment in their education and wellbeing remains unmatched. I am proud to have Pitter Patter at the center of the “village” helping me raise my kids. While it’s always hard to be away from my family, knowing they are in the best hands possible makes it easy for me to go to work each day (the kids love PP so much they are genuinely upset if they get picked up early!).”

Sarah Peters Kavich- sepeters@hotmail.com


-Meghan Sharp


Please feel free to reach out to any of our parents at Pitter-Patter.

Below is a list of parents who are happy to answers any questions you may have from a parent's point of view Happy Kids 

Sarah Peters Kavich - sepeters@hotmail.com

Jen Raffone- Raffone3@aol.com