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Nurturing & Encouragement

Younger children often suffer from separation anxiety when they are left in someone else's care. At Pitter-Patter Child Care Inc., we try to make the situation less stressful for them and their parents. We offer the type of nurturing infant and toddler care that you would give them, which helps children feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings.

Infant Program

Bring your child to us for high quality care for infants six weeks through 15 months old. Our infant room teachers work according to babies' schedules, and they spend quality time with each infant while also encouraging independence. They are well-trained to care for a baby's physical and emotional needs by creating a warm and nurturing environment. We provide proper stimulation in an ideal environment that will help infants' minds grow, and this approach helps create happy and healthy children. Infant rooms are filled with the sounds of music, babies, toys, and love.

Toddler Program

The transition from infant to toddler is a time of great change and excitement for children and parents. Our staff embraces this time in a child's life and adapts our programs to meet the needs of these children. Toddlers will begin to learn to function in a structured environment, moving from individual schedules to a classroom schedule for children.

Toddlers will be introduced to group activities and encouraged to participate in circle time, consisting of songs, games, and reading books. We encourage children to use their words and help them increase their vocabulary. Learning is greatly enhanced through communication.

Two-Year-Old Program

Two year olds struggle with issues of dependence versus independence. Pitter-Patter Child Care Inc. provides both the security of structure for these children and the freedom for them to make simple choices. We challenge this age group to become more self-sufficient, learning self-help skills like putting on their own shoes and coats. Potty-training is encouraged positively, and children receive positive encouragement with accomplishment.

We understand learning is built into activities, but the pressure to learn is not. Children learn letter and shape recognition, and they play match games and puzzles. We recognize that language skills increase through regular communication, so speaking with our students is enlightening for them and us.