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Instruction for Inquisitive Minds

Help your child develop into a successful student with early childhood education from our learning center in Lindenhurst, Illinois. At Pitter-Patter Child Care Inc., we utilize a curriculum that features age-appropriate learning. Your child also has the opportunity to interact with other kids, which promotes better social skills.

Pre-School Program

Our pre-school kids range from three to five years old. Since children learn from personal interaction and talking about their experiences, we provide an environment that promotes active learning. Active learning occurs when the following is incorporated into daily routines: materials for each child, manipulation of those materials, choice by the child of what to do with the materials, words chosen and used by the child, and support by teachers or peers that helps the child think about his or her actions.

School-Age Program

Convenient care is also available for school-age children five to 10. We offer before- and after-school care as well as all day care on school holidays and institute days, and during winter, spring, and summer breaks. Your kids will socialize with their friends in a safe environment. They are offered both structured (teacher directed) and unstructured (child directed) choices of activities such as games, crafts, sports, music, dance, and plays.

School-age children are in the process of learning how they fit into the larger world. Rules and social opinions (peer pressure) are very important to them. Through playing games and participating in sports, they have the chance to practice and develop decision-making skills, teamwork, a sense of fair play, and how language can be used to communicate ideas and feelings. Their free time is as important as their school time. With today's technology, we understand that children will need their DS time (or whatever it may be called in three months); everyone needs downtime at some point. However, we still encourage recreation in the great outdoors.