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About Us

Family-operated, Pitter-Patter Child Care Inc. provides more love than a corporate center along with maintaining a structured educational environment. We offer a print-rich setting that surrounds children with letters, numbers, and printed words that are an integral part of pre-school life. Kids are fascinated by these symbols of lines and circles that form words and their names. Our three-to-four year olds are introduced to simple worksheets such as tracing the letter A for Apple, whereas our four and five year olds trace and write the letter A and the word Apple.

Children will learn to recognize their name and, eventually, write and verbally spell their own name and their friends' names, too. The ability to print depends on muscle control, skill in recognizing symbols, and/or the ability to note the placement of lines in a symbol. As one child may develop the coordination of throwing a ball or riding a bike first, another may begin to manipulate a pencil and begin to print. We help children develop both their large motor skills and their fine motor skills.

Program Footnotes: Footsteps through our Program

Like the world we live in, Pitter-Patter Child Care Inc. is a center that embraces life through color. A walk through our hallways allows children to experience the joys of yellow, the natures of green, and the calm of blue waters. Purples and reds along with orange and raspberry will evoke imagination beyond the forest trees and throughout the aqua skies. The importance of color in our children's lives is as important as the sun shining in the rain, creating rainbows that band one end of the earth to another. Unique moments are created through color. Imagine how a few steps into our world will leave colorful footprints for life.